Delivering Scaffolding Consultancy

I-Scaff Asia (Pvt) Ltd, is an occupational health & safety consultancy specialising in scaffolding safety consultancy, workplace access & work at height.

Principal Contractors have a responsibility to ensure sites operate safely and comply with current legislation as a minimum standard. Adherence to industry guidance documents which will help to an excellent way of achieving and enhancing the productivity.

Our scaffolding consultancy services and workplace inspections provide both management and operational support, enabling clients to maintain best practice aligned with British standards.

Scaffolding should be assembled to either a generally recognised standard configuration or be designed by bespoke calculation. When seeking a design for a bespoke scaffolding installation you must ensure that the design process is carried out by a fully trained, qualified and competent Design Engineer as well as erected by a Competent Scaffolder who is able to understand the drawing.
Project Gulf

Our specialty
  • Retained H&S consultancy
  • Scaffold Inspection Service
  • Project Management of Scaffolding Operations
  • In-Situ Supervision of Scaffolding operations
  • Material Procurement
  • Producing Bespoke Scaffolding Standard Operating Procedures
  • Scaffold Auditing
  • Scaffold Design
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